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Picture of Dominique Set
Picture of Dominique Set

Dominique Set

IDR 1,100,000

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Set a sartorial tone with our newest Dominique Set. Inspired from the traditional Javanese, the set is cut from the finest lurik material combined with an exceptional design innovation. Detailed with a lapeled collar and front buttons, the set features a stylish cropped blazer and a comfortable skort. It also comes with a tonal detachable corset to further accentuate your waist.

Material: 100% Cotton

How to care:
1. Soak and rinse your lurik before wearing
2. Avoid washing your lurik with detergents containing harsh chemical. Also refrain from using bleach or colour brighteners.
3. Hang-dry inside out under the shade. Do not hang-dry your lurik under direct sunlight as it may cause colour fading or discoloration. Ironing should be done minimally, and warm iron is more preferable.
4. Avoid storing your lurik in damp places, as moisture and humidity can deteriorate the quality of your lurik. The use of dehumidifiers or moisture absorbing sachets is recommended.


All size

Bust 100 cm

Cropped blazer length 40 cm

Inner length 43 cm

Sleeve 59 cm

Waist 60-120 cm

Hips 120 cm

Skort length 45 cm